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good morning, america. i'm dan harris. >> and i'm bianna golodryga. it's sunday, march 6th. this morning, touchdown. four rapid-fire tornadoes tear across louisiana. one mother makes the ultimate sacrifice in louisiana to save her baby. today, the wild weather pushes east and north. expected to produce more drenching rain and up to a foot of snow. it begins. the 2012 race for president appears to be coming to life. newt gingrich heads to iowa and mitt romney comes out swinging. against president obama, saying he has to go. we'll look at the potential
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republican candidates. who is in, who is out, who is on the fence? where is austin bice? he's been missing for more than a week in spain. his parents are leading the search, demanding for answers. and up, up and away. a bold attempt to make life imitate art. engineers try to re-create the incredible scene from the movie "up." but can you really make a house fly with just helium balloons? and let's pull up that video one more time. we've been talking about it all morning. that is not a scene from the movie "up." this is actually real life. >> incredible. >> scientists attached balloons to a house just outside of los angeles. it flew for over an hour. i never saw the movie "up." this make me want to see it now. >> there are two guys in that house.
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take a look at this video. that's a team of firefighters and paramedics trying to save elmo. a boxer found lifeless in a burning home. for an hour they worked on him, ultimately bringing him back to life. it's been an amazing story. he's doing great. he and his owners are going to join us, along with the brave men who saved his life. they're going to be meeting each other and talking to each other for the first time since the accident happened. look how cute elmo is. >> they have special doggie respirators. >> i did not know that. also on this sunday morning, there's a popular young pastor provoking an uproar. why he seems to be arguing that hell does not exist and why some of his fellow christians are now outraged and even throwing around the term heresy. we'll start with the deadly weather. chikage windler joins us this morning with the latest.
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good morning to you. >> good morning to you, dan. the storm sadly turned deadly with one young mother dead and 11 injured. we'll look at the possibility of more heavy rain, high winds and tornadoes. one twister slammed into the small town of rain, louisiana. winds reached up to 135 miles per hour. flipping this mail truck like it was a toy. more than 100 homes and businesses were severely damaged. when the tomorrow hit, this young mother was with her newborn, covering her to save her live life as the tornado came whipping through. >> the tree fell on the house. the young mother was protecting her daughter. unfortunately, the young mother passed away. the daughter is doing fine. >> reporter: entire houses were lifted off their foundations. police spent the night checking on residents. just to the east, new orleans was inundated with rain. two inches in one hour.
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flooding bourbon street just as mardi gras kicks into full swing. and the same storm system was soaking areas much farther north. in indianapolis, the day was a complete washout. driving was treacherous. >> well could feel it floating. it was almost turning in mid water there. >> reporter: 23 states are under flood watches and warnings. and in the ohio vath valley, rising flood waters are expected to hit flood stage by tomorrow. now the biggest threats will continue to be heavy rain fall. with colder air coming in, some spots could be picking up a foot or more of snow into the higher elevations. at the same time, still an isolated threat of additional severe weather, from the carolinas, places like norfolk, virginia, out towards wilmington as well.
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we'll have more on that coming up. bianna? >> okay, chikage. thank you. we want to turn to politics now. what is shaping up to be a key week in the 2012 presidential race. starting this weekend, some potential contenders are taking what appears to be key steps toward the nomination. karen travers has the story. unlike the 2008 campaign, republicans seem to be playing the waiting game. >> that's right. the contenders are taking steps to get into the race, but they're really just baby steps. last night in new hampshire, mitt romney certainly sounded like a presidential candidate. >> it will take more than a good speech, more than rhetoric to put americans back to work. it's going to take a new president of the united states. >> reporter: and defending the health care law he put into place in massachusetts. while bashing president obama's. as too constricting to states. and when newt gingrich hits the ground in iowa on monday, he'll look like a presidential
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candidate. and they're not alone. others are testing the waters, too. mike huckabee, sara pilen, tim pawlenty. all showing signs they may throw their hats into the ring. with less than a year before the first primaries, no republican has shown a willingness to be the first one to definitively declare, i'm running for president. >> hi, how are you? >> reporter: what is everybody waiting for? >> as soon as you start raising money, you're going to start spending it. as soon as you declare, you have the democratic machinery going to come and attack you. >> reporter: this week, gingrich took a small step. launching a website and an exploratory committee. but don't hold your breath for anything more any time soon. >> i think it will take a number of weeks, maybe six or seven. >> reporter: if there is a front-runner so far, it's mike huckabee. the former arkansas governor leads in most major polls. but the race is still wide open. dan, at this point in 2007, all
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of the top democrat and republican candidates had officially entered the race. looking back, strategists say that was way too early and perhaps even hurt some of the candidates. dan? >> thank you very much. as the republicans now start to sashay a little bit closer to actually throwing hats into the proverbial ring, we want to bring in john avalon, from the daily beast. john, good morning to you. >> good morning, dan, how are you? >> great. glad to have you on. i want to go through the list of potential candidates. are they in, out, on the fence. let's start with mitt romney. is mitt in? >> he's all but official. you can make the case he never stopped running. he's going to be in. >> let's count him in. what about newt gingrich? he seems like he's moving in that direction. >> he's got an exploratory phase going.
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he's not doing as well in the polls as his name recognition might suggest. he's got a lot of credibility because of his leading the republican revolution. looking at it, but not definitely in. >> the graphics are great. is sarah palin in? she's playing a publicity game, keeping her name in the media by talking about potentially running. >> she sucks up all the oxygen in the room when her name comes up. but it's a polarizing process. palin has not yet taken serious steps to begin assembling a team. she's very well known and loved by her base. but increasingly polarizing. not definitely in. >> what about mike huckabee? he's doing well in the polls. >> he's doing very well in the polls. he's promoting a book. which has helped keep his name in the conversation. but again, he's not yet begun to
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seriously assemble an organization. the polls suggest he's going to run. not definitely in yet. >> and he's been taking flack for the natalie portman dust-up he's gotten into. let's finally look at tim pawlenty. he'll be on the stage in iowa tomorrow with newt gingrich. is he running? >> he's serious. he's all but announced. he's been putting together a team. and been preparing for this run for quite awhile. i think you to say he's going to be in the race. >> i know you're no stranger for the republican party. you were the chief speech writer for rudy giuliani when he was mayor of new york city. you have been critical about the receipt rhetoric that potential republican candidates are using against president obama. why? >> i think there's no question that the obama syndrome on the right was preceded by the bush syndrome on the left. it's bubbling up to the upper
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reaches of the presidential campaign. that deserves to be called out. it's divisive. it's unnecessary. it's begun to take notice. george will said there have been vibrations of weirdness from the republican field. i think that's fair. i think when the folks divide the country to raise themselves up, they need to be called out. >> thank you, john. a pleasure to have you on. take care. >> thank you. >> bianna? >> can we say kudos to the graphic department? amazing graphics. i could watch that over and over and over again. we want to turn to the economy. it's a key issue for the contenders and for the president. gas prices have climbed 19 cents in the past week. what are the president's options? david kerley is in washington with a closer look. good morning, david. >> good morning, bianna. that pain at the pump can hurt your pocketbook as well as the economy. what can the government do about the rising gas prices?
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another day, a new number. add a penny, a nickel more. the national average now $3.38 a gallon. but just in d.c., we found $3.99. and $4.55 a gallon. >> a need break from gas prices. it's tough. it's tough for families these days. >> reporter: the government has options. the strategic petroleum reserve. oil squirrelled into the ground for emergencies. already some senators are calling to tap that reserve. >> i think they have to let the market work. the strategic reserve is there for emergencies. this is not an emergency. >> reporter: robin west is an oil industry consultant. >> that not what the reserve was built for. it was for interruption of supply. i think it would be a serious mistake to open it now. >> reporter: if we don't tap the reserve, how about lifting or cutting the gas tax? >> it would be nice if there
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were reduction to maybe some gasoline taxes. >> reporter: but efforts to take a break in the gas tax was not voted for. congress is unlikely to take action as it deals with budget woes. the third possibility? price controls. >> i don't think the government is doing a lot of things about it. >> reporter: the last time the government used price controls was in the early '70s when they tied to set prices for goods. so are there any good options? >> short term, there's little the government can do. >> reporter: and there are no indications that the obama administration plans to intervene. the real issue here, bianna, is the middle east and the situation there. there's no shortage of oil or gasoline. but the turmoil in the middle east has prices going up. all we can do right now is watch. >> that's right. all eyes are on the middle east. david, thank you.
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and we're going to pick up on the last point about the middle east and stability in gas prices. what options does the administration have? we're going to bring in christiane amanpour for that. good morning to you. i want to begin to ask you about your guest, john mccain, on this morning. he's calling for the establishment of a no-fly zone in libya. is this a viable option? >> we're going to ask him. you know there is a lot of discussion about it. there are many people saying it would cause military intervention just to be able to establish a no-fly zone. others say there should be some kind of show of force, some kind of deterrent to prevent the libyan air force putting its jets in the sky. so far, we know the jets are being used against rebel forces or on ammunition dumps held by the rebels. >> mccain suggests that the
8:14 am
revolutionary movement could be be spreading throughout the region, not just libya. what is your sense of the area? >> two issues. the libyan uprising has turned into a civil conflict. it could get more heated than it is now. the other is a much more popular uprising so far that are leading to some kind of reform and the hope for democracy in the region. all of what is happening needs to be managed, helped through the transition. in terms of the effects, it does affect the united states. the price of oil, the strategic security. >> we'll have to leave it there. you at home can see christiane's interview with senator mccain. later on "this week." as well as a discussion on how to create more jobs in america. right now, we turn to ron claiborne. >> good morning, everyone. we begin in cuba where a trial for an american accused of bringing satellite television
8:15 am
equipment to cuba has just ended. he was charged with trying to undermine the cuban government by bringing in the communications devices. a deadly road side bombing in eastern afghanistan. the blast killed 12 civilians, including two children. the bomb exploded next to a truck. and a recall of peanut butter because of salmonella contamination. unilever announced recalls of skippy super chunk and reduced fat were recalled. it was sent to stores in 16 states. and race car driver danica patrick set a record this weekend. she finished fourth at the las vegas motor speedway in the nationwide race. the highest a female has finished. take a look at these pictures. these are researchers at china's national nature reserve.
8:16 am
dressed in panda costumed, transferring the panda cub to the semiwild environment. researchers don't want them to become accustomed to being around people. like i have become. they'll do better in the wild if they have a healthy fear of humans. >> are you suggested we dress up in panda suits to interact with you? >> i'm suggesting nothing. >> didn't you apply for that job? >> i didn't get it. and this is why i'm here. >> close second. >> all right. i'm going to save myself right now and toss it over to our weather anchor, chikage windler. who is substituting this morning from kstp. good morning to you. >> good morning. i don't know about you guys. it looks like giant diapers those pandas were wearing. craziness. ron, maybe you could tell us more about that in a few moments. looks like we have more snow to
8:17 am
contend with. through the rocky mountains. sorry about that. we'll move through the area. snowfall is likely. omaha, now toward iowa, portions of minnesota. as we head through the week. temperatures out west, a little above normal. we'll be watching for changes. >> good morning. a saudi sunday of there. to the north -- soggy sunday. let's show you where the rain is falling. it is to the west of i-95. are ready down to the 30's. the forecast for today, a flood watch in effect until 7:00 this evening. watch in effect until 7:00 this evening. >> and here in new york city, rain. likely today. dan? >> thank you, chikage. now to that young and provocative pastor.
8:18 am
he's kicked up a big faith-based debate about core issues in christianity. heaven and hell. it's likely to continue across america. linsey davis is here. >> good morning to you, dan. his sunday services are attended by over 10,000 parishioners. his videos o are viewed by millions. and his book has landed him in the middle of a fiery debate. and it's not even out yet. >> this is not something i was tempted to do in the first place. >> reporter: time magazine calls rob bell a singular rock star in the church world. his new book is causing a commotion. the book is called, "love wins, heaven, hell, and the fate of every person who ever lived." in it, he puts the notion of hell on trial. >> will only a few select people make to it heaven. and will billions and billions of people burn forever in hell? >> reporter: his argument, a
8:19 am
loving god would never sentence human souls to eternal suffering. >> this has severe consequences. >> reporter: chatter about the book has caused an eruption in the blogosphere. there's nothing loving about preaching a false gospel. and rob bell, so glad you took off your sheep's clothing. judge not, lest yes be judged. that's god's job. reverend serene jones agrees. >> i think that the people going after rob bell are themselves closer to heresy than rob bell is. >> reporter: his book is sparking debate about the good book. >> jesus' message is basically that the love of god is stronger than anything we can do. and the forgiveness of god is stronger. so why would that god be
8:20 am
torturing people in some made-up hell? >> jesus was clear about the reality and threat of hell. >> reporter: the word "hell" appears in the bible 54 times. in the most recent pew survey, only 59% of people believe in it. >> gandhi is in hell. for sure? someone knows this for sure? >> centuries of theologians have said that the question of heaven and hell is not something we should be worried about. but rather doing good in this life and loving god. >> reporter: the book was scheduled for release on march 25th. now that it's stirred up debate, the publication date is moved up to march 15th. >> they're moving up the pub date. thank you very much. fascinating story. coming up on "gma," a different story. check this out. incredible video of a dog caught inside of a burning home.
8:21 am
he was barely breathing when firefighters found him. coming up, those rescuers will be reunited live with the dog's owners. >> can't wait for that. and hollywood dreams come true. engineers launch a house like in the movie "up." how do they do that, dan?
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coming up, the mystery of the missing american college student over in spain. also, elmo the wonder dog is reunited with the firemen that saved the dog's life from a burning building. reunited with the firemen that saved the dog's life from a burning building. lit the flame. plain rode away on lion's mane. where plain met fruits with strangely names. such wonderful things they did contain. a shot of life to a hungry vein. the captive beast who broke the chain. and there upon that fruited plain is where plain became what plain became so much more than more than plain.
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metro riders can expect major delays on the orange line. it will be closed until tomorrow morning. trains running on the blue line. shuttle buses are available. here is a check on the forecast with dave. >> here is a live shot from our tower. 50 degrees here. the rain should end tonight. more rain on thursday. >> thanks for watching. we will be back at 8:56. now back to "morning america." [ male announcer ] achievement: embraces mondays.
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achievement: puts receivables to work. ♪ achievement: expects a lot of itself. cfo: cash flow options, helping business achievers better manage their cash flow. pnc. for the achiever in us all. ♪ up up and away in my beautiful balloon ♪ so, the animated movie "up" introduced us to the flying house. a kind of floating rv. a group of engineers looked at that movie and wondered if they could do it themselves. we'll show you. >> there it is. that's the real version. good morning, america. i'm the real version of bianna golodryga as well. it's sunday, march 6th. >> i feel lucky to do this job. for a lot of reasons.
8:31 am
yesterday, i pulled a little bit of a surprise on him. i put up this picture of ron which was taken in a candid moment in a promotional shoot. he was messing around. didn't think anybody would ever see it. i dug it out of the archives and put it on television. we got a huge response. afterwards, i put it on twitter. i asked for caption ideas. we got hilarious responses to that. we're going to share it with you. ron is heckling us from just off-camera. we'll give him a chance to speak for himself later. >> it's a picture that launched a thousand tweets. and we have been showing you this video all morning. first responders that saved the life of elmo the dog, two struggled to stay alive. the rescuers, home owners and elmo are reuniting this morning. first, the story of a san diego student missing in plain. austin bice disappeared on a night he was going to a party. what really happen sd something
8:32 am
his frantic parents are doing every to find out. mike marusarz is here with more. investigators from the united states and spain have now joined the search. it includes dozens of volunteers. searchers are frantically covering madrid, spain, with 22-year-old austin taylor bice's picture. >> i just want to say thank you for all being here. it's hard for me to talk about it. but thank you. >> reporter: austin's father flew from his home in san diego to lead the effort. his son arrived in january as a san diego state university foreign exchange student. >> everyone is trying to help look for him. there's thousands of posters with his picture on it. they call them smile of madrid. because he has a beautiful smile. >> reporter: his last blog entry on february 25th included a flyer to a party. it reads, hopefully, it will not disappoint. i assume it will not. it's in madrid. it should be a fun night.
8:33 am
he hasn't been seen since. one theory suggests he was turned away from a club and decided to walk home. friends and family say, it's unclear why he was turned away. >> they're trying to find if he made a wrong turn. they believe he was not thinking clearly. we don't know if he was drugged. or if he was mugged. if he was -- if he fell and hit his head. we just know that he's not thinking clearly. >> reporter: investigators are looking at this surveillance video. his cell phone is still active. his voice mail is full. the investigation continues. so does the worry for what it may reveal. >> we have all that great support from madrid. but no one has seen our son. so we just -- need to keep going and have people help us look for him so we can get him home. >> reporter: now, a page dedicated to austin on a spanish
8:34 am
version of facebook received around 9,000 hits in just two days. so at least word is spreading. >> mike marusarz. thank you. a lot of sympathy to that mother there. let's switch gears now and get the rest of the morning's headlines. are you still speaking to me? >> we'll talk later. in the news, a tornado in louisiana killed a young mother who was trying to protect her child. suspected al qaeda gunmen killed four soldiers in yemen. the u.s. is warning americans not to travel to yemen and said americans already there should leave. a suspect called the east coast rapist is back in his cell after a failed suicide attempt. on saturday, police say aaron thomas, suspected in a series of attacks over 12 years tried to hang himself. and in portland, oregon, a
8:35 am
different attempt to fight crime on public transit. they're playing classical music at stations. the music could have a calming effect. or criminals don't like the classical music. >> you've been playing smooth jazz to keep me away. >> hopefully it's working. >> you have the drum set in your office. time for chikage windler. >> good morning, ron. let's start with some video. flooding in marion county, ohio. the rivers there are near major flood stage. only expected to recede by tomorrow. the heavy threat continues to push off to the east. major cities from d.c. to philadelphia, boston, seeing an inch plus of rainfall and a foot or more of snow, possible, in the mountains of northern new england. meanwhile, let's focus on the midwest. where today, light snow possible in the twin cities. by later in the week, more significant snow not out of the
8:36 am
question. across the entire nation, if you want a warmup, how about orlando today? >> good morning. mild in the nation's capital this morning. temperatures around 50 degrees. 30 degrees in western maryland. >> and this weather report has been brought to you by breathe right. dan and bianna? >> thank you. coming up, a great rescue story. this dog was found lifeless inside of a burning home. thanks to a crew of firefighters and emts, elmo, that's his name and his face, he's able to join us. up up and away. inspired by the movie "up" some engineers wanted to see if they could fly a house for real. what happened next is movie magic come to life. i have what science calls the "nightly stuffy nose thing":
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♪ well, with quick work by first responders, a family dog was saved.
8:40 am
he had been overcome by smoke in the family home. they hooked the boxer up to special equipment to breathe life back into him. we'll meet him and the happy owners in just a moment. but first, here's their story. >> he was not breathing? >> he was breathing, but barely. >> reporter: it was a race against time. firefighters were trying to save this four-legged member of the neal family. pouring out of the back of this long beach, california, home, when they arrived, fire and smoke the. the neal family was out running errands. the dog elmo was home alone. as smoke filled the house, the firemen raced in. they found the 60-pound boxer lifeless on the bathroom floor. >> started i.v.s, put him on heart monitor. giving him oxygen. it's just amazing. >> reporter: for nearly an hour, they used every tool they had to keep him alive. elmo was suffering from severe smoke inhalation. he had a faint hart beat. heart beat.
8:41 am
they used this doggie oxygen mask, specifically designed to go over the boxer's muzzle. he finally started to regain his strength. his will to live intact. >> i have dogs all my life. i wouldn't wish something like that to happen to my dog. >> reporter: completely revived and rested, elmo is now at home with his family. despite a small limp, he's happy and healthy. >> they did an awesome job. that dog is alive today because of the actions of the long beach fire department. >> he summed it up. they did an awesome job. >> they did. >> joining us now are elmo, his owners, sara and mark, and two firefighters that helped to save him. paul rodriguez and bill nota. sara, i see you. you're not letting elmo go. it's such an unbelievable story. can you describe how terrifying that moment was, to come home and see the house on fire and elmo appearing lifeless? >> it was devastating.
8:42 am
he's like my third child. i was just heartbroken and so scared. >> mark, i know you have two kids. elmo is a big part of the family. can you tell us a little bit about his ittemperament? what kind of dog is he? >> he's a nice, mellow dog. likes to lay around the house. any spot he can find that's warm. and anywhere, lie in the bed, he comes right next to me and wants to lie in the bed with me. >> and bill, want to turn to you, awesome job that you and paul and the rest of your team did there. can you describe to us how you were able to revive elmo? what device you used? >> my part of the rescue was the primary search where our engine company goes in and searches for victims. and it was my fire captain that found elmo on the bathroom floor
8:43 am
and called mofor me to help pic him up. i picked him up and brought him outside. that point, i gave him over to the paramedics, paul, and he resuscitated elmo. >> we understand that you have the device there with you. can you show it to us? >> paul has it here. >> this is the device we used on elmo. and as you can tell, this is specially designed that is used for canines. we were able to put it on elmo when we brought him out. we used this bag valve device to assist breathing for elmo. he had limited respiratory effort at the time. after several minutes, he was starting to slowly breathe on his own. and at that point, we just used the mask alone, with some oxygen and continued to provide him some therapy to see if he could survive on his own.
8:44 am
>> i had no idea that was a doggie respirator or that this was a frequently encountered problem. bravo, great work. i wonder what sara and mark might have to say to the guys that rescued their dog. >> we owe our lives to them. long beach fire department, they're our angels and our heroes. >> they went above and beyond to save the fifth member of our family. we're grateful. eternally grateful for what they did to save elmo. >> it's so true. they're part of your family. we're happy this turned out well for you. what a fight elmo put up. and to the brave firemen, thank you so much for joining us. we're happy to meet elmo. >> thanks, elmo. a mellow dog. he stayed still pretty much the entire interview. >> paul, bill, sara and mark, thank you all of you. we appreciate it. congratulations again. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you.
8:45 am
>> thank you. coming up next, we're going to channel the movie "up." a very popular movie. with lots of kids. how did these engineers get a real house off the ground? we're going to show you after the break. hey babe. oh, hi honey! so i went to the doctor today, then picked up a few extra things for the baby. oh boy... i used our slate card with blueprint. we can design our own plan to avoid interest by paying off diapers and things each month. and for the bigger stuff, we can pay down our balance faster to save money on interest. bigger? bigger. announcer: chase slate with blueprint helps you save money on life's little surprises. trip...lets... announcer: start your path to saving today. call 855-get-slate.
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♪ 99 red balloons floating in the summer sky ♪ to state the blazingly obvious, most of the stuff that happens in movies cannot be re-created in real life. some engineers decided they could re-create this scene from "up."
8:49 am
"national geographic" gave us behind the scenes access. to this experiment. our diana alvear was there. >> reporter: it's a moment of pure movie magic. a house setting sail, held up only by party balloons. most moviegoers that saw "up" said, simply amazing. two men wondered, how hard can it be to fly a house? >> it's probably impossible to fly a real house. >> what you can do is fly a light-weight house, and actually fly it safely with people on board. >> reporter: at least, that's what their initial calculations implied. they trekked to california's high desert, where dozens of volunteers help them to build this little yellow house and fill 300 balloons.
8:50 am
each eight feet tall. each consuming an entire tank of helium the. the two pilots issued instructions every step of the way. >> keep that going. i'll be back. >> reporter: if it works, it would be the largest cluster balloon flight ever attempted. >> there's a first time for everything. that's what makes it fun. >> reporter: as daylight approached, time was running out. and everyone, including me, got to work. it's a good thing i've been working out. but the scheduled takeoff time came and went. they're putting more helium in more balloons to make sure it can actually get off the ground. let me tell you. just trying to hold one of these down is a workout in itself. the longer the house stayed on the ground, the higher the tension rose. would all this work be for nothing? how are you feeling? right about now. >> i'm feeling pretty tired and feeling very stressed.
8:51 am
>> it's appropriate. >> reporter: until finally -- >> so long, boys! >> reporter: like in the movie, the house began to rise. and rise. and rise. a little yellow house soaring with the help of hundreds of balloons. setting a world record along the way. for "good morning america," diana alvear, abc news. >> the problem is, they couldn't get it back down. it's out there somewhere. >> it did land. it did land. ten miles away. >> and an hour later. well, the whole floating "up" expert will be part of a series on national geographic, "how hard can it be?" and we'll be back with the winners of the ron claiborne caption contest. iborne caption contest. [ woman ] nine iron, it's almost tee time.
8:52 am
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8:55 am
one of the many reasons we love ron claiborne is because he's a good sport. yesterday on the broadcast, we surprised him with this picture. this is from a candid, silly moment from a promotional shoot. ron got on the floor and did this. i put the picture on twitter. and asked for captions. have a stud muffin with your
8:56 am
breakfast with "good morning america." david brinkley never had to do this. from alleys place -- burt reynolds, eat your heart out. this is the new sexy. we should say, ron wrote that. this is from cindy, really, i'm very comfortable in this position. this is how i like to deliver the news. and finally, a one-word tweet that just says, saucy. >> saucy? all right. you know, dan, the moral of this story is -- a moment of indiscretion can haunt one the rest of your life. as you will see here. >> oh, my gosh. >> bring it on, america. bring it on! >> good morning. it is 8:56.
8:57 am
brown is fighting back after losing his job. according to the washington post, he says he made an agreement to keep a negative attack on the then mayor -- gray and now -- denies these allegations. blue and or july and delays for metro riders. -- orange lines will have delays for metro riders. and drivers on the mix in maryland -- on a maryland roadway will have to pay tolls. $3 for a one-way trip. this will last until april 6. and now they've check on the forecast with dave. >> it is damp out there.
8:58 am
rainy skies are out there. a difference in temperatures. 55 degrees in one area. but the down to the freezing point in western maryland. where is it raining right now? a few breaks in the action right now. heavier rain is coming our way. flood watches are out almost everywhere. temperatures up to 60 degrees. tomorrow, a much nicer day. cooler. >> thanks. we hope you have a great day.
8:59 am

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